About Us


We are a US based company that brings the designs, luxury and convenience of Eastern Europe to you!
Specializing in brands that are not readily available in the US.
It can be impossible, difficult and/or expensive to acquire your favorite lingerie from Europe. 

Many companies do not ship to the US unless you are a representative like EuroStyle Boutique.
Ordering directly from Europe can be costly due to shipping, VAT (Value Added Tax) and/or custom fees.
Rates and shipping/import fees can vary depending on country and carrier.

Polish lingerie companies have become a force in the lingerie industry. One of the many reasons we have chosen to specialize in these brands. The other reasons being the unique designs, the quality craftsmanship, the options in bra and brief styles, the gorgeous embroidery, the extended sizes and the true commitment to provide beautiful lingerie! This is what we are all about. 

Whether this is your first time buying lingerie or you are a long time admirer/collector, your choices should be made for yourself first! 
There are no rules or limits. There is no right or wrong. 
Wear what You love, love what You wear. 
It is all about how lingerie makes You feel!
It is a state of mind, an embrace, a fantasy, a memory, a second skin. It is anything You want it to be. 
We are a welcoming haven for anyone and everyone! 
Never let your age, gender, nationality or sexuality determine what makes you feel sexy, alive, comfortable. Embrace your desires.