Choosing Lingerie

Measure, measure, measure! We can not stress this enough as it is they key to a proper fit. Many women do wear the wrong size or style of bra. Just because you wore a certain size last year, does not always mean your the same size this year. Our bodies are always changing and you should measure every six months to a year. And since not all bras are made the same, please take the time to view the size charts that are available with each brand. 

For lingerie to provide the beautiful look and comfort of wearing, it needs to have the size and style chosen best for you. The brand size tables will help in finding a proper fit. To use it, you should first measure yourself tightly under the bust and lightly around the bust. Checking the measured sizes with those in the brand size table, you should be able to choose a correct size. 

For a proper choice of the shape and size of panties, measure the circuit of hips and compare the result with the brand size table. Some European brands run small in the brief, thongs, strings so if your unsure, its always best to size up.

Many women have a asymmetrical breasts. One breast is larger than the other, usually buy a cup or smaller. No matter the size difference, always choose a size that fits the larger breast. Adjusting for the smaller breast can be done by either adjusting the strap on that side, or inserting some padding.