Size & Care Guide

Measure, measure, measure! We can not stress this enough. Since not all bras are made the same, please take the time to view the size charts that are available with each brand.
For lingerie to provide the beautiful look and comfort of wearing, it needs to have the size and style chosen best for you. 
The brand size tables on each page will help you to choose the right size. 

For a proper size of panties, measure the circuit of hips and compare the result with the brand size table. 
NOTE: Some European brands run small in the panties so if your unsure, its always best to size up.

Many women have a asymmetrical breasts. No matter the size difference, always choose a size that fits the larger breast. Adjusting for the smaller breast can be done by either adjusting the strap on that side, or inserting some padding.

This is only meant to be a helpful guide. Size can vary depending on manufacturer and breasts shape.

Measure around your rib cage right under your breasts. The measuring tape should be snug but not too tight.
Round to the nearest whole number. If the number is even, add 4". If it’s odd, add 5". Your band size is the sum of this calculation. 
(For example you measured 32", your band size is 36. If you measured 33", your band size is 38.)

Measure the fullest part around your breasts. Do not pull the measuring tape tight.

Subtract the band size from your bust size.
The difference will help determine your cup size.


Our quality lingerie is made of very delicate fabrics, like: satin, tulle, laces so its important to care for it properly. If you take the time to care for your outer wear, your under wear should be cared for just the same. The better you take care of your lingerie, the longer it will last. 

The best cleaning for lingerie is hand washing. Soak in water with a delicate detergent and then rinse. Good options for washing include Eucalan, Forever New. An intense friction can damage the fabric. Bras and strings should be washed in cold or room temp and then lay to dry. You should not wring too hard, gently remove the excess of water. Wash your bras after every 2 to 3 wears. And try not to wear the same bra 2 days in row as this can keep the band stretched and not allow it time to rest and keep its strength.

You should not use dryers. Best to place lingerie on a towel – this way lingerie will keep its shape and beauty for a long time. Or you may hang them to dry by the gore, not the straps.